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About Printer

BKS brings you a wide range of printers to choose from. Printers have become a must-have for all offices and most households. It is necessary to choose a perfect printer which can accommodate your exact needs.

BKS Enterprises helps you in choosing the right printer at the best prices. You can browse the printer as per the brands, i.e. HP All-in-one Printer or Canon All-in-one Printer. You can also browse by the type of printer you need, i.e. Laser Printer, Color Printer, etc. Choose the perfect printer and buy the printer online.

Q 1. Which brand/model of printer is best for home use?

    Two printers are currently being recognized as the most popular choice for home printers. They are; HP DeskJet Ink All-in-one Printer and Canon Pixma All-in-one Printer. If you're looking for a low budget but good quality printer + scanner, these would be your ideal options. Starting from the connectivity to their compact size, all the features make them the best choice for a home printer.

Q 2. Which one is better, laser or inkjet printer?

    • The main points you need to consider are your exact requirements and budget. InkJet Printers are mostly used for home/personal purposes. InkJet Printers use Ink.
    • Reasons to buy: Cheap, compact, and suitable for low volume printing Laser Printers are mostly used for office settings. Laser Printers use Toner for printing.

Reasons to buy: High-volume printing, faster print speed, and low total cost.

Q 3. What are the best printers to buy?

    While purchasing a printer, you have to consider many things. For example, choosing between InkJet Printers or Laser Printers and defining a proper budget to determine printer price.
Here are a couple of printer options suitable for basic printer needs:
1.  HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535 All-in-one Multi-Function Printer
  • Connectivity: Control your prints via phone or any other similar gadget.
  • Compact: Sleek compact design and optional quiet mode.
  • Multi-function: Print/Scan/Copy, Two-sided printing available, Borderless and Lab-quality Photos.
2. Canon Pixma G2000
  • Ink Tank Color Technology: 6000 Black pages and 7000 color pages respectively.
  • Cost: High Volume prints at low running cost.
  • Quality and Pace: Borderless photos up to A4 size with ISO Standard Print Speed.

Q 4. What is the best all in one printer to buy?

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4535

    • One of the best features of HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535 is its low-priced ink cartridges, which makes it the must-have addition to your gadgets. You can easily connect it to your tablet, smartphone or Notebook and print wirelessly.

Key Features:

    • 1. Connectivity - Print directly from Smartphone / Tablet / Notebook. You can also download the Printer Remote App.
    • 2. Two-Sided Printing - Cut down your paper use by 50%. (Print on both sides of the page)
    • 3. Borderless Printing - Print right from the edge of the paper to get Lab quality images of home.
    • 4. Compact - Sleek design and a Compact fit which makes it easy to set up in a small space.
    • 5. Print Speed - Black Upto 9.5ppm. Color Upto 6.8ppm.

About Cartridge

It is essential for you to understand which cartridge works for your printer. On, find out all the variants and choose the cartridge for your printer.

  1. There are two types of cartridges:
    Ink Cartridges, that are used by InkJet Printers. These cartridges contain ink that is used to print on the paper. The ink can be dye-based or pigment based.
  2. Toner Cartridges, that are used by Laser Printers. These cartridges contain the powder that is used to print on the paper. Laser Printers also require Drum Unit which makes the toner cartridge fuse toner powder to the paper.

Q 1. How do you find out what cartridge your printer uses?

    1. In order to determine which type of cartridge your printer uses, find and open the instruction manual that was included in the box with the printer. The manual will help you in understanding which type of cartridge you need to purchase.
    2. You can also look for the ink reference card which must be included in the box with the printer.
    3. In case you cannot find the instruction manual or the reference card, inspect the printer's packaging or the packaging of the latest cartridge, both of these packages have the type of cartridge specified on them.
    4. You can also find out the type of the cartridge by inspecting the cartridge itself. You will find the product number on the cartridge or on a sticker on the side of the cartridge.
    5. Find out the model number of your printer, simply visit the manufacturing website and find out the cartridge type suitable for your printer.

Q 2. Which printer has the cheapest cartridges?

    • It is important to find out how much prints can you make from a cartridge and the cost of the ink. Otherwise, you will end up spending a lot on cartridges as the ink is expensive.
    • Find out which printers have the cheapest cartridges:

      1. Canon Pixma MX 922
      2. HP LaserJet 1010
      3. HP LaserJet 1020

The perfect printer for personal use. It is an all-in-one printer that is suitable for consumer-level usage.

Q 3. Which InkJet Printers have the cheapest Ink?

    • It is important to determine the volume of prints you might need, as the printer cartridges are expensive. At this point, you should look for Printers that have the cheapest Ink. Find out below InkJet Printers that have the cheapest Ink:

      1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 All-in-One Printer

One of the most economical InkJet is the OfficeJet Pro by HP. It is one of the fastest color InkJets but will also help you in saving a lot of money.

  • Canon Maxify MB5320 Wireless Small Office All-in-One

A printer that has it all. Best features and saves you a lot of money. This printer is perfect for business uses.

  • Brother® MFC-J460DW

The perfect printer for home use. This printer is cost effective and very compact making it easy to set up almost anywhere.

Q 4. Which laser printer has cheapest toner?

    • Laser printers have lower printing costs. These printers use powder instead of Ink. Because of the lower costs than InkJet printers, Laser printers are more preferred by businesses and individuals who have large printing volumes.
    • Following are some best Laser Printers with cheapest toners:

      1. HP LaserJet P1108 Monochrome Laser Printer

One of the most trusted office use printer. It is known for its precision and speed without jamming. The ideal printer with value for money.

      1. Samsung SCX-3401 Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

Another printer which is best of offices. What makes it better? The fast print technology that has 3 prime functions.

      1. HP 1020Plus Monochrome Laser Printer

The printer which is suitable for everyday use. It will help you in getting prints on both sides of the paper, thus cutting back 50% on the paper usage.

Q 5. Is toner cheaper than ink?

    • While most individuals use InkJet printers for personal use, laser printers have also become cheaper and are becoming more compact, making them a suitable choice for business as well as personal use.
    • So which printer will be more economical for you in long run?
    • The answer is simple really. Look at the volume.
    • High Volume - Laser printer. Even though toner is expensive, toner gives you more sheets relatively.

    Low Volume - InkJets Printer. InkJet cartridges are cheaper than toner cartridges. InkJet cartridges churn out fewer sheets.